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authentic legacy bUILdING

What is the role of a chestnut fallen to a forest floor or the destiny a leaf descended from a tree?  How is one horizon different from another? 


(true to one's own personality, spirit, or character)



(something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past)

At the intersect of knowing oneself and taking deliberate action on a well defined goal lies the apex of an individual’s Authentic Legacy. It is through an in depth exploration of both past and present experiences, ME Executive Consulting works to assist individuals and organizations in crafting a plan to achieve their most lofty and ambitious goals for success; thus creating their authentic legacy. 

Authentic Legacy Leaders is a portfolio consulting firm specializing in services that drive the accomplishment of individual and organizational goals. The research concepts called upon in this portfolio of services are the sciences of energy, mindfulness, consciousness, neurogenesis, positive psychology, emotional intelligence, intention and quantum physics, combined with the art of respecting and honoring others.

Look a little closer, though no obvious difference from the others exists, this particular chestnut and this specific leaf just may be the nourishment and warmth needed to preserve a weakened ecosystem; this very  horizon, a portal that awakens a seeking soul to their enlightenment.

"Authentic legacy can be achieved when

you are ready to make an honest critique of

where you currently are, assess how you

got there and implement a plan that

moves you to success; accomplishing

your greatest goals and making an

impact far beyond yourself.”


- Mildred Edwards, Ph.D.

When making leadership development decisions for your organization, do you become overwhelmed with the myriad number of choices available? A trained and certified consult...
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